10 Best Things to Do in Palawan Island (the Philippines)

When most people think of Palawan, their minds automatically go to El Nido and Coron. If you ever came to Palawan and didn’t visit these two areas in the north, you’d be absolutely crazy. However, there is so much more wildlife, island hopping, wreck diving and food devouring to be done on this island.

Don’t be afraid to go off the beaten path and discover the next El Nido-esque towns like Tay Tay and Port Baron where the food is cheap, the beer is cold, and the beaches are a lot less crowded. Or take a detour into a mid-sized city like Roxas or Brooke’s Point that are full of authentic Filipino food, quiet waterfalls, peaceful wildlife sanctuaries, and incredible local experiences. It’s often the most unsuspecting areas that have the most unforgettable experience waiting. Find something on this list that speaks to you, pack your bag and just go!

Lets’explore the best things to do in Palawan Island:

1. Island Hop in Honda Bay

10 Best Things to Do in Palawan Island (the Philippines)
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Explore Honda Bay

45-minutes from the capitol of Palawan, Honda bay offers an island hopping tour that will make all of your vacation dreams come true.

You’ll explore Pandan Island, Cowrie Island, Luli Island, Starfish Island, and Verde Island where the famous Dos Palmas resort is located. All of these islands offer out-of-this-world white sand beaches with turquoise water so beautiful that that you might get a little emotional.

You can spend the whole day island hopping in Honda Bay where you’ll have the opportunity to snorkel, explore the inland of the islands, and splash around in the water. These tours typically provide lunch and snacks for your trip.

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