12 Best Places To Visit In Lebanon

Lebanon is a small country in the Middle East region of the world. Its capital is Beirut. Lebanon is properly surrounded with coastline towards the eastern shore and also shares border with Syria. This country has rich and cultural heritage. It contains some of the best cities that can be easily traveled through various modes of transport. It comprises of hot during summer season and cold during winter season. Visitors from all across the world pay their visit to some of the best and extraordinary kinds of locations. These tourists’ locations are very famous for various kinds of features. Some of these destinations are as follows:

Top 12 Places To Visit In Lebanon:

1. Zaarour

Zaarour is a quite good location that needs to be travelled when you are visiting Lebanon. The mountain views of this place will take away your breathe. The off road activities done near these mountains are the major attraction. You can easily enjoy the snow during winter season.

Best Places To Visit In Lebanon

2. Temples Of Baalbek

The temples of Baalbek are also termed as the city of sun. You can easily find a good number of roman archeological monuments in this location. The temple of Jupiter and the temple of Bacchus are some of the best thing to see. Make sure to take one proper guide who will help to know the history behind the monuments.

Best Places To Visit In Lebanon

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