Mistakes To Avoid When Visiting PARIS

TOP 15 Mistakes To Avoid When Visiting PARIS

We all know that Paris is a major tourist destination in Europe. Well, I can’t doubt that.

Who does not want to spend a day or two in this dreamy place?

Maybe spend time watching the night sky under the Eiffel Tower while holding hands with your loved one?

Or maybe just hanging out with your pals taking nice photos in Champ Elysees Street.

So if you are heading there soon, here is my list of mistakes that you should avoid while you are traveling in Paris.

Consider these as my best Paris Travel Tips because I know from experience that it can be very overwhelming to travel this beautiful city for the first time.

Mistakes To Avoid When Visiting PARIS

Paris Travel Tips 101: Mistakes to Avoid when Traveling Paris

1. Visiting during Peak Season

Although a lot of tourists would prefer to go during the Summer and Spring season in Paris, I recommend going during the Off-Season.

Not only the crowd are less, you have a great opportunity to score cheap accommodations.

Moreover, there will be less people ruining your Eiffel Tower photos in Trocadero Street for your Instagram.

Well, is that why we are in Paris after all, Right?

If you like to snap beautiful photos for the gram, I have a list of best Instagrammable places in Paris. So make sure to check it out too.

I love traveling in Paris during the end of the Summer season and start of Autumn. Mainly because during this time the weather is still beautiful but with fewer crowds.

I can easily walk around the beautiful streets of Paris and give myself time to just be amazed by the amazing buildings and architecture of this City.

Also, I found that during this off-season, you can get amazing discounts from your accommodations.

I like checking Airbnb and Booking.com hand in hand for my accommodation and compare the prices.

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