Traveling To The Bahamas, Guide And Tips

5.) Junkanoo & the museum

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Next to the University of the Bahamas in Nassau is the Junkanoo World Museum. Not to be confused with “junk”, this museum highlights the culture and history of a street parade filled with dancing, music and elaborate colourful costumes known as Junkanoo.

The festivity is celebrated throughout the Bahamas on New Year’s Day so it’s even better if you visited the Bahamas then.

For a tasty bite to eat, head for Oh Andros, which makes the best Caribbean grub.

6.) Glass Window Bridge (Traveling To The Bahamas, Guide And Tips)

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Eleuthera is home to this famous landmark, a narrow bridge known as the Glass Window. The bridge connects the north and south points of the island and provides stunning views of the Atlantic and Caribbean waters.

Be cautious- the narrowness of the bridge makes it a one-way traffic flow. 🚙

7.) Paradise Beach, Nassau

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Paradise Beach is a gorgeous and quite popular place to visit in Nassau. Take some time to relax, grab yourself a cocktail and even try and spot a few flamingos! After all, we all deserve a little rest and relaxation.

8.) Gorge on Conch 

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Conch is one of the tastiest shell food, well, in my opinion at least. Best of all, it’s in abundance in the Bahamas. Gorge on conch chowder, grilled conch or the yummy conch fritters. They’re delicious.

Good food has to be one of the best things to do in the Bahamas!

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