How to Stay Fit When Traveling for Business or Pleasure

Traveling offers a world of opportunities. Going out of town can lead to new business connections and deals, let you make new friends and business partners, spend quality time with family or friends, and see new sights as you experience new cultures. You may discover delicious and healthy new (to you) fare, such as Welsh laverbread, French bouillabaisse, and Mediterranean octopus salad. 

Traveling also offers tons of opportunities for fitness. Barriers are certainly present, as time can be short, schedules can be unpredictable, and exercise facilities may be different. It can take a bit of adjusting and some effort to keep up the good habits you may have established at home. Still, as Lark DPP suggests, whether you are traveling for business or leisure, there are tons of ways to stay fit away from home. 

Business Trips (Stay Fit When Traveling)

The business case for being physically active on business trips is clear. Activity may help you sleep better so you can function better during waking hours. It can improve decision-making and critical thinking skills, which can translate into better deals and more persuasive presentations. And, it can keep you healthier, so you can be just as good of a worker when you get home or when you go on your next trip.

So, though your schedule may be packed, it is worth fitting in some active time whenever you can. A fitness center or pool at a hotel or conference center, or a nearby gym, can be a good starting place if you are looking for a traditional workout. Walking the neighborhood can work, too, as long as it is safe.

You can also squeeze in quite a bit of activity by climbing stairs or walking around the hotel or conference center. In your hotel room, body weight exercises such as planks, squats, and jumping jacks need no equipment. A few resistance bands that take up almost no space in your suitcase can let you work almost every muscle group in your body, too.

Do you want to get more for your exercise buck when traveling for business? Draw others in! Business is all about making connections, right? Here are some ways to establish and strengthen ties.

  • Set up walking meetings when you are meeting only a few people.
  • Strike up conversations when working out in hotel gyms during large conferences. Your workout buddies may be your business partners.
  • When you are in charge of scheduling, make a fitness break a regular part of your business meetings. If you are not the host, suggest that the host include fitness breaks. You may be surprised how readily they accept the idea, especially when you explain benefits such as higher productivity and better moods.
  • Walk to grab lunch when you can. Invite your coworkers, or, if they are not with you, take the opportunity to invite employees from the other company or presenters who were interesting at a conference.

Vacations (Stay Fit When Traveling)

What is something that can make your vacation more rejuvenating, help you get over jet lag faster, and give you new ways to explore? Physical activity can do all of those! Above suggestions such as using the hotel fitness center, a nearby gym, or your own room, are still applicable here, and there are many additional chances to get active while in different surroundings.

Walking tours with a tour guide or using an app or guidebook can help you put in the miles while you see the sights up close and at your own speed. You can also create your own tour by picking a few places you want to see and mapping out the route using your phone. 

There are often alternative activities that are location-based. You might find:

  • City bicycles to rent so you can get around town.
  • Opportunities for snorkeling, rock-climbing, horseback riding, or canoeing, depending on where you are.
  • Walking groups sponsored by hotels or groups such as senior centers that welcome anyone.

Cruise ships may have fitness centers, walking tracks, and even group fitness classes, and hotels and ships often have pools. If you are traveling with children, the strategies you use to get active with them at home may be the same while on the road. Engaging yourself in their play can keep you moving.

It is great that you are even thinking about how you can stay fit while away from home. However you think you may be able to get active, it is important to pack properly. You may need a pair of walking or workout shoes, one or a few workout tops and bottoms, depending on how many laundries you think will be able to do while away, a bathing suit, or any other equipment that will let you comfortably join in on your chosen activities.

Lark DPP can help you stay active anywhere as your coach is on your phone and available anytime, no matter what time zone you are in or what schedule you are on. Boost motivation by logging workouts and seeing how consistent you can be, and enjoy the new confidence you may have when you see that you can stay active anywhere you go.


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