10 Habits to Lose Weight and Keep It Off Successfully

10 Habits to Lose Weight and Keep It Off Successfully

What is harder than losing weight? For many people, it is keeping the weight off. Motivation can wane, and old habits can creep back in, causing pounds to creep back on. Preventing weight gain is not impossible, though.

For insights on losing weight and keeping it off, look no further than the National Weight Control Registry (NWCR). Members of the NWCR are adults who have lost at least 30 lb. and have kept it off for at least 1 year [1]. The NWCR conducts research to compile tricks used by these successful “losers,” and here are 10 of them. we are perfectly suited to help you along the way as you lose weight and keep the pounds off with your new habits. 

1. Opting out of “diets” (10 Habits to Lose Weight)

Thinking of what you eat to lose weight as a “diet” can lead to going off the diet when you hit goal weight. The next step might be returning to former eating habits, which can get you back to your former weight.

Instead, successful losers tend to keep up with similar strategies to keep the weight off as they used to lose the weight [2]. That can mean forming new habits as you lose weight so they are natural as you prevent regain. It may also make sense to keep using Lark to keep the weight off after using Lark to lose weight. 

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