25 Animals Who Absolutely Don’t Give A Damn

Cat Siesta

Cat Siesta

That cat has had enough petting for one day and is now enjoying her siesta.

However, that position she adopted will not guarantee her tranquility. When you show so much underbelly, you are begging for someone to come and rub it for you.

There’s a way to make the shot even better. Imagine placing a cup of coffee and a cigar right by her side.

Traveling to lands where siesta is guaranteed by the law, like Spain and Italy, has its perks. Late afternoon sightseeing is much better when you can ask the local stray cats for directions.

Just make sure you cut the small talk before they attempt to sell you dead mice or birds.

Screw You, Other Seagull!

Screw You, Other Seagull!

Nature is a jungle and, occasionally, individuals from the same species take advantage of each other.

We do not know whom to crown a champion for not giving a damn. Should we praise the seagull on top for acting like a jerk? Or maybe we should admire the one patiently accepting the burden on his head.

Whatever the case, our understanding of seagull society needs an update. There’s a clear hierarchy, and no one seems to bother to contest it.

Don’t let this zen image distort reality. Seagulls remained equally aggressive towards beach-goers and their eyes.

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