25 Animals Who Absolutely Don’t Give A Damn

Riding The Capybara Bus

Riding The Capybara Bus

Being exploited by members of another species would turn most animals mad.

But not the capybara! The gentle creature has one of the highest rates of tolerance ever seen in the animal kingdom.

It’s pointless to call yourself an Uber in the jungle! Hijacked by the monkeys, this capybara accepted to give them a free ride on his back.

Soon after this pic became viral, other animals also wanted to exploit this ecologic and highly comfortable mean of transportation.

Cat? What Cat?

Cat? What Cat?

Are you sure you own a cat?

This former “good boy” is too lazy to find another comfy spot, so he embraced denial, hoping that the masters will not spot the obvious.

Check out the paw of the cat! The feline just entered DEFCON 1, and a strike is imminent.

What burns our mind is how the cat accepted such a humiliation in the first place. Maybe the tabby wanted to see how it feels to put your but on someone else.

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