25 Animals Who Absolutely Don’t Give A Damn

Small Pond You Have There!

Duck Found A Pond

Now you know the awful secret road workers have been trying to hide all along.

Ducks are the ones ruining the tarmac in secret. As their wetland habitat is getting smaller with each passing day, they attempt to claim new land in a very aggressive manner (and annoying for us drivers).

That puddle might look small to you, but it is a perfect fit for our silly little friend. Soon enough, that beak will activate its percussion mechanism and proceed to turn the road into a deathtrap.

Check out the silver linings! Road kill is fair game in most parts of the world. Why bother to get a gun permit when all you have to do is drive?

Cat Supervises Human Slave

Cat Supervises Human Slave

Some human-pet relationships can go completely wrong.

The cat is a jerk. Confirmed! Check out how the lazy feline assumed a cozy position that offers full control over her slave. While there will be no whipping, you can bet there’s room for scratching, biting, or the less painful but harder to bear “butt on the head.”

What you witness is a scene that reminds of the pharaohs. Nevertheless, the poor man is not building a pyramid, at least not yet.

The cat commissioned a brand new litter box, one huge enough to throw a huge party for all the other mice-catchers of the neighborhood.

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