25 Animals Who Absolutely Don’t Give A Damn

Having A Sloth in School Rocks!

Sloth School Rocks!

“This is my seat. Can’t you sit somewhere else?”

Can you imagine going to school one day to discover the new kid in town everyone is talking about is, in fact, a sloth? First came the Chinese children and they made you look like an idiot during math class.

What will happen now? Sloths appear to be an easy target for bullying. However, they don’t seem to give a damn about it. Will this Gandhi approach work to keep them alive throughout the semester?

Oh, So You’re Lawing The Mown?

Oh, So You're Lawing The Mown?

Lawing the mown is one activity that sends most pets scrambling for their lives.

But there are exceptions. This dog doesn’t give a damn, not even when the blades get agonizingly close to his paws.

Whether it’s the smell of the freshly cut grass, or about making your job more complicated, it’s had to say what motivates this doggy to stand still and contemplate the meaning of life.

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