25 Animals Who Absolutely Don’t Give A Damn

Doge Goes for A Night Cap

Doge Goes for A Night Cap

Being a doge is hard.

Once the Shiba Inu breed became so famous, it’s impossible to go for a walk without hearing people speaking broken English on purpose when they see you. Even worse is that they require from you to smile all the time and act friendly.

The evening offers the much-needed relief. Once the leash is off, doge is free to walk the bars and contemplate his life as an Internet celeb.

A night cap is the best medicine for someone barely keeping it together. Much sad! Such mysterious! Very sorrow!

Duck Feels Like A Star

Duck Feels Like A Star

Duck doesn’t give a damn about ruining the freshly poured concrete.

Check out the man on the left. He is obviously pissed at seeing the neat surface ruined by duck footprints going all over the place.

However, there’s nothing this construction worker can do. The duck is most likely a movie star that got the wrong address. Instead of leaving a mark on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the bird will settle for something less glamorous – a suburban garage access alley.

Something tells us this duck was lucky. Walking the same surface a couple of hours earlier would have ended disastrously.

Whether you call them “cement shoes” or “cement fins,” they signal the same thing – roast duck is one the menu.

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