25 Animals Who Absolutely Don’t Give A Damn

Water Buffalo Is A Stoic

Water Buffalo Is A Stoic

Africa is one of the last places to go if in search of animals not giving a damn.

The reason is simple. If you don’t bother to give a damn you develop a personality trait that would hinder your chances of survival.

However, this water buffalo knows the little bird pooping on his head is no cause for concern. The slime is nothing compared to the awful parasites inhabiting the fur coat of the beast.

Mastering serenity is also a trick to keep the body temperature low. Getting angry on the bird is pointless, mostly because there is nothing you can do.

Smart water buffalos also open their mouths. The awful smell never scares the small creatures in their hunt for free food stuck between those teeth.

Cat Ruins Puzzle Game

Cat Ruins Puzzle Game

Finishing the Aladin puzzle is a nightmare when the cat lands right on top of it.

Check out the despair on that girl’s face. She knows she risks a catastrophe if she disturbs the ungrateful feline from her quarters.
The dilated pupils gave us an important clue. The pet is not happy about something, and the girls will not risk with questions.

Cats are champions when it comes to not giving a damn. What is the worst thing your cat did to you?

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