25 Animals Who Absolutely Don’t Give A Damn

Duck Island

Duck Island

What do you do when there’s no land in sight, and you badly want to keep your feet dry?

Why it’s simple! Just find yourself the kind of duck that doesn’t give a damn about being used in the least glamorous way imaginable.

Animals care less than you think about silly situations like this one. Nevertheless, something tells us that the awkward pose reflects the social stratification of the pond. The white duck is in clear submission.

Imagine being a hunter who stumbles upon such a bizarre sight. It would be impossible not to think that ducks are secretly planning to take over the world.

Cat Went to Zen School

Cat Went to Zen School

The cat above went to Zen school, and now masters the art of not giving a damn.

The training proves to be so efficient not even mice can disturb the tranquility. Check out how those buggers did everything imaginable except enter the cat’s ears.

Would you be able to overcome temptation? Something tells us this brave feline is moments away from snapping and seeking bloody vengeance.

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